Kasauli Weather

The serene and calm atmosphere has always been a major attraction for the people visiting the famous hill station Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. Once known as the prime destination of Britishers during summers, the town is a perfect adobe to escape the fuzz of the city. The weather of Kasauli is very pleasant and offers a refreshing environment to enjoy pleasant weather.

You can visit Kasauli in every season as it has a pleasant climate all throughout the year. Summers are lovely that have warm days and cool nights. The maximum temperature reaches 28 degrees in summers and minimum goes down to 14 degrees. This is indeed a best way to have a refreshing change for the heating summers in plains.

Hill stations are best known for winters, Kasauli is no other difference. Winters in Kasauli are very cold and with occasional snowfalls, you can enjoy the nature at its best. The temperature stays between 5 degrees and 14 degrees. During winters, Kasauli is at its best. The snow covered peaks and chestnut trees give you an unforgettable experience.

Kasauli is a cantonment of Indian Army and with the strict construction policies, building of new properties is strictly prohibited. This factor is also responsible for the fine atmosphere and temperature of the town. This pleasant Kasauli weather is one of the major reasons that make Kasauli the best residential destination for some of the renowned personalities. Some of the people that have make Kasauli, their permanent adobe, are Ruskin Bond and Khushwant Singh.

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